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I cannot say enough positive things about the Animal Magnetism Team! I have been using them, Monday through Friday, for a little over two years now. They are very trustworthy, dependable, timely, responsive and most of all caring. I never have any doubts about leaving my little guy, Oliver, with them. They truly treat him like he was their own dog. I have the Ring Doorbell/Camera and actually heard one of them tell Oliver that they loved him after dropping him off. My heart melted hearing that! I highly recommend these wonderful ladies to anyone that is looking for a dog walker.

Janelle Burskey

We are so grateful that our friend recommended Animal Magnetism! They were so professional during our consultation and extremely detailed making us feel like our golden retriever was in good hands! He loves his weekly walks and we feel comforted knowing that we can always count on the team to pick him up, take him for a long walk (almost 2 hours!), and bring him home safely.

Chloe Jensen

100,000% recommend. My partner and I contacted Animal Magnetism on pretty short notice (less than a week) about caring for our cats for 13 consecutive days while we were out of town. Lori quickly got in touch with me, came to my place the next day, surveyed my apartment, listened to all my pet parent worries, instructions about food and supply locations in the apartment, and specific instructions about where to throw out trash litter, how to get in and out of apartment, etc, and a bunch of other info like what time we thought they should come by each day. I didn’t need to contact any other services because it was just clear she and Animal Magnetism know what they’re doing. After you chat with them, they use a detailed online form to create profiles for your pets/home and are responsive via text, email or phone. For 13 days, Lori or one of her colleagues checked in on our two cats once a day for about 20 or 30 mins. That included feeding wet food, refilling a giant hard food bowl, checking water levels, cleaning/disposing of litter, and texting/emailing us daily photos assuring us that both cats were alive and well. Our smoke alarm even started acting funky at one point, which Animal Magnetism notified us about and we dealt with. And to my pleasant surprise, they even leave little report cards for you to go over when you return from your trip. Reasonably priced (way cheaper than boarding at a kennel, vet, or pet hotel) and they offer other types of way more involved care than the basic services we arranged. The whole process was seamless, Animal Magnetism made us feel at ease, no complaints from us at all, will 100% use them again whenever we next leave town. Can’t thank them enough for carrying out their services for our cats and visiting our apartment on 2 holidays — Christmas and New Years. P.S. The more organized and clear you are with your instructions for Lori and her team about caring for your pets/getting around your home, the better your whole experience will be.
Adam Federman

We met Lori and Heather of Animal Magnetism over 10 years ago.. they have become a part of our family.. you know all is good in your pet’s world when you see pure joy when they see the familiar faces pick them up everyday! Pet care at its best!!

Kay Osborn

Lori and Heather and their loving and caring team always go above and beyond to take care of our little guy. They are punctual, trustworthy professional, and I have the confidence that our dog is always safe.

Christine Grams

Super professional, knowledgeable and experienced. You’ll be satisfied

Marc Perez


We’ve been using Animal Magnetism for years and have referred them to my friends. We have also left our dogs Lucky & Neo with them when we have had to travel, which can be hard, but I know Lori & Heather would take care of them just like they were theirs.

Kimberly & Sherri

YAS Fitness Centers


Our family was fortunate to find Animal Magnetism 10 years ago. We have not considered using another pet care service since. Heather and Lori have gone above and beyond our expectations on so many different occasions and have helped us through the care of two sets of dogs. They were wonderful with our older dogs – who have since passed away – nursing them through ailments and caring for them through their heartbreaking illnesses. They helped us welcome our current high-energy labs to our family since they were puppies and continue to keep them so very happy when we go on vacations or when we need a dog walk, park visit, or beach playdate.  We never worry when our pets are with them because we know that they are being loved and are having a blast.  We trust Heather and Lori without question and feel so fortunate that we can always count on them.




Lori and Heather: Have we really known each other for 10 years … pretty amazing.  What can I say, if it was not for your TLC of our Calie we would not be able to travel as I will not leave my dog in a commercial kennel.  You are the best … when Calie can see you she gets that tail going at 100-mph and is out the gate without a backward look. You have looked after her from her rambunctious youth to her stately old age and we thank you for your loving care.  Recommend them highly.


Hermosa Beach


I don’t know what I’d do without Heather and Lori! When I adopted my little dog Stella, I asked around for a dog walker referral. My very good friend recommended Animal Magnetism and couldn’t say enough good things about Heather and Lori. And she was so right. Stella absolutely adores both Heather and Lori. She greets them with the same enthusiasm that she greets me and I know she loves her daily outings. She has also attended a couple of their beach days and has returned home happy as can be.  It means everything to me to know that Stella is being cared for with such attention and affection.

Additionally, they are completely professional and conscientious.  I trust them completly and recommend them highly.


Santa Monica


We love Lori & Heather! They are reliable and trustworthy. My dogs are always happy to see them. Actually, both of my dogs listen better to them than they do to me. And you have to love a beach day. The dogs have a blast and come home exhausted and clean. What can be better than that!


Playa del Rey

Benji (rescued terrier/dachshund) and I (mostly Greek) love love love Lori and Heather.  We can’t imagine our lives without them.  Their TLC and expertise sets the Gold Standard for Pet Caretakers anywhere!  Benji completely forgets I exist when Lori or Heather come by to pick him up for his walks.  This is a guy who has separation anxiety — or is that just me?  Point is, we are both always happy to see them, know he is going to have a really great social experience, and be returned to me safe and sound.  Now that’s Priceless!!!!!

Nancy Born

Animal magnetism provides the utmost professional and caring service.  I had been searching for a trustworthy dog sitting establishment for my pets for quite some time now and have found it in animal magnetism …I trust my furbabies in the hands of Lori, Heather and their staff for everyone at animal magnetism have love for all animals, and it shows. I was convinced once I had shared my concerns in regards to one of my dog’s recent health condition and Heather helped me feel at ease by sharing a mutual experience and provided some ideas and suggestions – showed me that they are caring, knowledgeable and a genuine company.

Carmen Hernandez

Lori and Heather are AWESOME! Their entire crew ROCKS! They always provide the best care for their clients both two legged and four legged … sometimes even three legged. My dog is not always fond of other dogs, but she is always super happy to go on walks with Animal Magnetism and her pack. When I travel, I never have to worry because I know my pet is snuggled up, safe and secure. I would recommend Animal Magnetism to infinity and beyond.

Kirsten Farrell

Lori, Heather and the rest of the team at Animal Magnetism go above and beyond to meet their client’s needs (both dogs and owners!). When my new adopted rescue puppy, Luna, was petrified of strangers and wouldn’t let anyone else go near her, the ladies at Animal Magnetism did not give up on her when most would have. They continued to put in the extra time and effort to get to know Luna and gain her trust – spending time beyond what I was paying for… They could not have been more supportive throughout the whole process.  They took her out for the day to  ‘bond’ with their team and allow her to get comfortable. I trust them completely and am in debt to them for helping me adjust to life with a new puppy.   The Animal Magnetism team was highly recommended to me by another dog owner in my building and I would highly recommend them them as well. They are simply PHENOMENAL at what they do.

Reva B.

6 Stars!  Lori & Heather are THE Best.  They are the only ones I ever trusted with Akira, my Shiba Inu mix.  While it’s been awhile since Akira has passed 🙁 I have just recommended that my neighbor contact Heather and Lori with her dog sitting needs.  That had me thinking that I MUST leave a review for these wonderful ladies.

It’s so very difficult to find trusting, integrity filled people to worth with (regardless of industry), but look no further…

Animal Magnetism to the rescue!

Scott A.

Lori and Heather are awesome! They have gone above and beyond to try to make my pup comfortable with letting them walk her. She’s a rescue and has lots of anxiety and is territorial of our home so she won’t let anyone come in to walk her. They have been so great to come multiple times to work with her and try to get her used to them. They’ve been so good and patient with her no matter how frustrating she has been. Thanks Lori and Heather! We really appreciate all you’ve done for our Roxy girl.

Cory F.

Have been a client of these lovely, responsible, professional ladies since 2005!  They are experienced and caring and I simply wouldn’t leave my dogs with anyone else!

Cari Chanin

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