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How does pack dog walking in Los Angeles work?

60 minutes $35

You’re not just getting dog walkers, you’re getting Dog Teachers who care about your dog’s physical and mental well-being. Pack walking is so much more beneficial than a walk around the block in your neighborhood with a dog walker. During a pack walk your dog will be exercising and learning at the same time.

The simplest way to describe how the service works is to imagine that we are School Teachers for your dogs. We drive the school bus -(aka minivan) to pick up the class for their educational field trip -(pack walk). Remember how you liked to ride the bus with your best friend, well your dog has his favorite seat on the bus beside his best friend too.

New students are introduced to their class all at once. The new student learns to model the rest of the class, which is already socialized, well
behaved, and ready to welcome a new member to the Animal Magnetism class. The teacher instructs by using basic obedience cues that are understood by
the well-behaved students. The rest of the class follows the example of the more experienced students.

The field trip provides exploring environmental areas, mental stimulation, and teaches dogs how to behave. No one wants a time-out or detention.
Students are expected to keep calm and follow the teachers lead which creates good habits when stimulated by environmental distractions like:
loud noises, people, skateboards, bikes, delivery services, squirrels, cats, and other dogs.

Benefits of pack dog walks in Los Angeles?:

* Learning through modeling good behavior
* Proper socialization skills
* Increased exercise
* Improved leash manners around people and dogs.
* Enforced basic obedience cues
* Mental stimulation
* Decrease stress
* Reduces boredom or anxiety

Our Pack walks create happier, more well-rounded dogs which in turn makes pet parents happy! Daily updates provided with pictures by our Pet Care
Specialist that are Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. Available 7 days a week. Explore, Exercise, Expend Energy!

Pack Dog Walking Pricing

60 Minutes


Second Dog


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What do walks include?

  • What do the walks include?
  • Digital Report Card with pictures.
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What do the Walks Include

Heather and Lori did an amazing job taking care of our little Eloise.

We cannot say enough wonderful things about these two people. We got pictures of our baby while we were gone, we got updates as to how she was doing and they came to pick her up and they dropped her off to meet our schedules and to take care of our whole family with wonderful wonderful attention. They took care of our family the way they’d take care of their own, if not better. Not only do we recommend them, we insist on them.

Angela Elisabeth

Phone: 310-621-6979


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