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We started Animal Magnetism in 1999 and clients multiplied by word of mouth.  As a lifelong pet owners, we know exactly what other pet lovers are looking for with their cherished pets:  someone to love, exercise, and care for their companion (child).  Whether it’s a daily walk, pet sitting, beach excursion or an overnight visit, we have become an important part of our clients pets lives and thus and integral part of their family.

Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured and we are a participating member of Pet Sitters International.  We perform reference, DMV, and background checks on all of our employees through a leading national service – we screen for the best, so that you don’t have to.  We only welcome to our team those who mirror our values and vision to provide love and care for your pet.

We are very proud of our staff.  They are all people that we trust to watch our own pets.  We wouldn’t have it any other way!  Our team is very aware that you view your pet as your child.  Everyone on Team Animal Magnetism shares a true affinity for all animals.

After almost 20 years in business, we continue to hear how our clients’ pets are so happy when they arrive home.  That is the goal of Team Animal Magnetism and that is what puts a smile on our faces.

Our Mission
is to give our clients the best service in the pet care industry. Animal Magnetism understands that leaving your pet at home is never easy.  We are committed to providing your cherished pet with a loving and reliable service from experienced professionals who will ensure their happiness and well-being along with your peace of mind.
Lori Powell
Co Founder and Owner
After moving out to California from North Carolina in 1995, I pursued my degree in Business from Cal State University. Telecommuting for work and sitting in front of a computer daily was stressful and tiring, but every day I looked forward to being home and taking my dog to the park next door at lunch.

My neighbors recognized that I would be out with my dog every day and they approached me to take theirs with me. Soon, I was taking a pack of pups with me to the dog park, and had the realization that I could do this all the time! After discussing the idea over with my friend and business partner Heather, we decided to join forces and combine our love for animals to create Animal Magnetism.

Heather Barton
Co Founder and Owner
Must love dogs. Sure, it’s a movie title but it is also required in my line of work. I don’t just love dogs though, I was born with an innate love for animals. When I was a kid I had various kinds of animals in my home and life—dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, turtles, birds, fish and horses. I always knew that I wanted my career to involve my passion for animals so I enrolled in the prestigious pre-veterinarian program at North Carolina State University. My studies took an unexpected turn when, during my second year in the program, we began learning about euthanization. I began to question whether veterinary medicine was the best choice for me. I understood that this practice was sometimes necessary; I never gave much thought to the fact that, as a veterinarian, I would be responsible for deaths of sometimes perfectly healthy animals. I decided at that point to pursue my second love of film/entertainment. After my graduation from college I started my career in the film and entertainment industry in Wilmington, NC. In order to further my career I needed more opportunities so I moved to sunny southern California. I worked on many TV and Film productions and eventually found my way to product placement. In 1999, after a couple of years working at someone else’s product placement agency I decided to break away and start my own company. To subsidize my income while building my client base I started pet sitting. After a year of pet sitting on my own I decided to start another company and that is when Lori and I joined forces to create Animal Magnetism. I ran both companies for a while and decided that I wanted to focus all of my energy on my first love… the animals. In addition to Animal Magnetism I also love to help the animals in other ways and have been a volunteer with the Whale Rescue Team and at Animal Acres.

Kena Huete

Animal Magnetism Team Member

I am a massive animal lover! As a kid born and raised in Los Angeles, some of my favorite things to do were hanging out with my now passed on Pomeranian, exploring nature, and photographing animals.

These days, I spend time with my rescue cat, still exploring our beautiful earth, and continue to grow my passion for photography and videography.

When I’m not loving and caring for little critters, I’m working at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica to help youth, watching movies, feeding my Tarantula, and daydreaming about going to Disneyland. 

All my life I have wanted to work with animals, and so being on the Animal Magnetism team is wonderful. I genuinely love meeting everybody’s furry family member and caring for them like my own.

Heather Traylor
Animal Magnetism Team Member
I’m Heather at Animal Magnetism!  I grew up with a lot of dogs and cats. I currently have two dogs and several cats. I’ve been working with animals for eight years. I first started out volunteering at an animal shelter in high school. Then I worked at a Pet Hotel and Doggie Day Care for a year before I started working at animal hospitals. I loved being a veterinary assistant but constantly being around animals that had to be euthanized became too much for me. When I’m not working, I enjoy taking my dogs to the beach or on hikes and travelling.

Dog walking and pet sitting in Santa Monica, Brentwood, Venice, Mar Vista, Culver City, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Ladera Heights, and Westchester areas in Los Angeles.

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