8 Best Toys Every Indoor Cat Needs to Stay Active

The best cat toys are the ones that get kitty moving, especially if that kitty is an indoor one. While it might be in every cat’s nature to be active, indoor kitties can sometimes lack in the motivation game. Outdoor cats are surrounded by interesting things to keep them busy, however, an indoor cat isn’t likely to be getting the appropriate amount of activity. Unlike their adventurous counterparts, cats that spend their time inside don’t have trees to climb or lizards to chase. With our precious indoor felines, we have to be proactive.


If left to his own devices, your cat would likely spend his day napping on the window sill. So, it is up to the hooman in the relationship to ensure that kitty is getting a healthy amount of exercise. A good couple of cat toys will make sure your feline friend stays mentally and physically active.


  1. CatIt Senses 2.0 Digger Interactive Cat Toy:


Making your cat work for his food might seem a bit mean, at first. In reality, however, it is a great way to provide mental and physical stimulation. He gets a little active, a tasty treat, and plenty of mental stimulation. This interactive cat toy is definitely more than that, it’s an investment into​      your cat’s overall well-being.


  1. SmartyKat Electronic Motion Cat Toy:


This is such a simple thing but it will drive your cat crazy (in a good way). Various irregular sounds, moving lights, and the unpredictability of the ‘prey’ make this a really great toy to get your cat moving. This fun hunting game promotes healthy activity for your indoor, not-so-active kitty-cat.


  1. Kitty Claw Mega Expandable Cat Condo:


These cat condos are, well…pawsome! They are completely rearrangeable with plenty of stuff to do such as playing, hiding, jumping, and relaxing. It is well-built and sturdy, ready to stand up to even the most vigorous of play. If you have more than one kitty, you’re in for a treat!


  1. Cat Amazing Sliders:


Both an interactive cat toy and a puzzle feeder, this particular toy promotes healthy physical and mental stimulation. The puzzle aspect gets your cat’s mental juices flowing and the treat triggers the natural hunting instinct. The more he plays with it, the more he loves it. This fun puzzle box has sliding inner parts that keep it new and interesting. Go ahead, unleash the inner jungle cat!


  1. Yvelife Automatic Laser Toy:


This automatic laser provides two different speeds as well as 5 adjustable circling ranges for​  perfect customized play. This one will keep kitty busy for hours and offer a fun form of exercise and great incentive, even when you are not around!


  1. GB4 Cat Fetch Toy:


Providing endless hours of bonding and interactive playtime, this cat toy takes a page from the dog book encouraging a healthy game of fetch. Tap into their inner hunting instincts while encouraging movement.


  1. Interactive Robotic Cat Toy:


This self-rotating robotic ball comes with plenty of things to keep kitty’s interest. With its 360 degrees spinning motion (even on the carpet!) and red LED lights, this cat toy should keep your precious feline exercising for hours.


  1. Youngever 24 Cat Toy Assortment:


Get creative and make your cat his very own activity center with this assortment of fun cat toys. Encouraging both bonding and exercise, it will keep both of you entertained for hours on end.


Create a Kitty-Friendly Environment to Encourage Exercise:


Cats love to jump, climb, and explore, and cats that are outdoors, typically have no issues about finding ways to do just that. However, with indoor kitties, you might need to get a little bit creative. Create a space that is not only safe for your cat but it is geared toward what he actually likes. Cat toys, climbable shelving, and treat puzzles are a great way to encourage exercise.

Tap Into Their Natural Animal Instincts:


Cats are natural predators. They love nothing more than a good hunt, even if that means simply hunting for his next snack. One of the best ways to get your somewhat lazy cat to get up and move around is to tap into the urges he already has hardwired into his DNA.


Why It’s So Important:


Not unlike humans, long periods of inactivity can cause serious health issues in your cat. Diabetes, obesity, just to name two. Regular exercise helps keep kitty healthy and when used in conjunction with a balanced diet, can greatly improve his quality of life.


Indoor cats tend to be healthier and safer. However, that is usually a trade-in for the experience. This means it is on you to come up with ways to make up for the exercise he is lacking by not being outdoors. Inactivity can lead to many different health issues, including obesity and diabetes. It is far easier to prevent than to treat these problems. Keep kitty stimulated and you will have one happy (and healthy) cat.



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