Cost of Hiring Petsitters or Dog Walkers in Los Angeles

Hiring dog walkers in Los Angeles has been growing rapidly with 2018 seeing record numbers. Dog walkers and pet sitters are a great solution if you have a busy work or family life. They give your pets the attention and exercise that they deserve when you are not around.

If you live in Los Angeles, pet sitters and dog walkers are plenty but they offer different levels of service. Nonetheless, the main obstacle that you are likely to face is determining the cost of hiring dog walkers and pet sitters in Los Angeles.

Generally, the cost of hiring pet sitters and dog walkers in Los Angeles depends on the type of services rendered.


Pet Sitting Services and Rates

Pet Sitters in Los Angeles provide either ongoing pet care, short-term or one-time care as needed. The services that they provide may entail a series of visits to your home once or multiple times a day. A pet sitter can also stay overnight to watch over your pets if you are away.

Pet sitting services may include giving your pet food and water, taking them outside for a potty break, providing companionship, changing litter, and/or dispensing medication. Pet sitting rates in LA are typically between $14 to $25 for 15 to 30-minute visits. Additional services such as special care and general housekeeping may add to the cost or be included. The average rate of hiring pet sitters in Los Angeles for overnight care ranges between $50 to $120 per night.


If you are looking to hire a pet sitter in the Los Angeles area, there are certain factors to consider. You want to be sure it is a professional company that is a full-time business, not a hobby or side gig. Make sure the business you’re considering has a website, employees for backup, and is legal. Additionally, make sure they are bonded and insured, trained in first aid and CPR, and have had background checks on all the staff.


Dog Walking Rates in LA

Dog walking provides your dog with so many benefits! Besides physical exercise, it’s also great for socialization, behavioral issues, and mental stimulation. All of this in addition to your peace of mind along with saving you time is priceless! Don’t worry though, hiring a dog walker doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg (or paw).


Dog walking services in Los Angeles are usually charged by time. That means a 15-minute walk will be charged differently from a 30-minute walk. Hiring dog walkers in Los Angeles costs will cost you between $15 to $20 for 20-minute walks, $20 to $30 for 30-minute walks, and $30 plus for 60-minute walks.

Dog walkers in Los Angeles are in high demand so it’s important to do your due diligence to find the right fit for you and your pet.


If you are a regular customer, a dog walker is likely to offer you discounts. For instance, you may be offered a significant discount for service four or five times per week instead of just once. If you have more than one dog, adding an extra one will cost between $5 to $10 per walk.


A very few reasons you might need a dog walker or pet sitter.


If you’re:
  • Traveling for the holidays or work
  • Having a baby and will be in the hospital
  • Busy caring for a newborn or another family member
  • Sick or disabled and need help caring for your pet (and house!)
  • Going on a day trip
  • Planning a surgery or have surgery coming up
  • Staying at work late
If your:
  • Pet is too young to leave home alone
  • Furbaby is on a medication that makes them potty more often
  • Dog is overweight and needs more exercise
  • Pet is super energetic and you need help keeping up
  • Cat, dog or other pet is diabetic but you don’t like needles

If you will be away for a significant amount of time, a company that offers both services is helpful. Pets need physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Whereas dog walking services are only meant for dogs, pet sitting services are available for cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, dogs, fish, and other household pets.

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