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15 Dog-Friendly and FREE Things to Do in Los Angeles

A carefree day hanging out with your most loyal canine pal sounds like a heavenly way to spend time. But you’re short on cash. Now what? It’s L.A baby, there is plenty of fun, woof-tastic things for the two of you to do together. You just have to know where to go. And, for that, we got you, and Fido, covered.

Here are the 15 best dog-friendly places in Los Angeles. Visit one, visit them all, you’re sure to have a great time.


15. Rosie’s Dog Beach:

Who doesn’t like a dip in the ocean on a hot and sunny day? Your pooch is surely no exception and Rosie’s Dog Beach is the hottest (as in trendy) place to do it. Your playful pup will have an absolute blast frolicking in the waves with his newfound furry friends. This is not a designated dog beach and the dog zone has strictly set hours from 6 am to 8 pm so you’ll want to keep that in mind for your visit.

Visit their site here.


14. Arts District Dog Park:

L.A is a hub of artistic creativity and it truly shines through when you visit the quaint and cozy Arts District Dog Park. It is a bit smaller than others on our list, but it makes up for its tiny size with a whole lot of charm. Well-maintained and cared for, a handy pooper scooper is provided. This dog park offers a cool city vibe and has more than adequate space for some good, puppy malarky.

Visit their Facebook page here.


13. A Visit to The Hollywood Walk of Fame:

You simply cannot visit Los Angeles without a visit to the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame! See the tributes to the amazing stars of the past (and present). Being that they are pet-friendly, make a dog day of it and bring him to see Lassie’s star!


12. Laurel Canyon Dog Park:

Open from sunrise to sunset, with the exception of Fridays when it closes for maintenance from 6 am to 11 am, Laurel Canyon Dog Park is nestled right in the heart of Culver City. Not only is the location convenient but it has a playground next to the designated doggy area. Perfect for getting both your human children and your furry ones some fresh air and exercise.

Visit their site here.


11. The Boneyard Dog Park:

A favorite of the L.A animal-loving crowd, The Boneyard dog park is tailored to fit the needs of your dog for a full session of running and playing. Although not as roomy as other dog parks in Los Angeles (at a little over 1 acre) it stays open later than most of them, closing at 10 pm, which is perfect for those who like to take the trip after work.

Visit their site here.


10. The Village of Topanga:

With tons of cute shops and boutiques to window shop from, and adorable doggy water fountains painted to look like fire hydrants, this a great dog-friendly activity option. The Village is a great place to mingle with potential pals, furry and human alike.

Visit their site here.


9. Hiking at Runyon Canyon:

130 acres of lush greenery and beauty as far as the eye can see, help to make this one of the must-see pet-friendly destinations of L.A. Being one of the most popular hiking trails in the state, this hot-spot has a trail for every level of experience. Get ready to make new, lifelong friends, take lots of pictures of scenery, and maybe even meet a celebrity dog or two!

Visit their site here.


8. Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park:

Although you have to pay for parking on weekends and holidays, the trails and views are more than worth the small fee. With 338 acres to explore, there is plenty to do to keep both dog and owner entertained for hours.

Visit their site here.


7. Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park:

Located conveniently off of Victoria Blvd in Encino, this magnificent dog park is just outside of L.A however it is just too paw-some to leave off of the list. With three separate fenced-in runs (for small, large, and timid dogs), that provide plenty of room for chase and play, the Sepulveda Basin Dog Park is one of the best in Los Angeles.

Visit their site here.


6. Holly Ridge Trail:

Nothing screams Los Angeles quite like the iconic Hollywood Sign. This dog-friendly 5.1-mile sun-shiny trail leads to a scenic spot with a gorgeous view of the sign itself. This hike is best left for early morning or late afternoon as there is little to shade throughout. Don’t forget the water!

Visit their site here.


5. Echo Park Lake:

Echo Lake Park has one of the most inclusive and dog-friendly parks in East L.A. All leashed, well-behaved dogs are welcome to join their humans for fishing, walking the paths, taking in the lovely lotus flowers, and even for a nice lunch in the lush picnic area.

Visit their site here.


4. Travel Town Mini Train Ride:

Enough historical locomotive fun to last the whole entire day. See and ride the beautiful 1⁄4 sized replicas of the grand locomotives of days past before popping into the Travel Town Museum to learn all about the trains and their backstories. So long as you clean up after them, leashed, friendly dogs welcome!

Visit their site here.


3. Lower CanyonBack Trail:

This 4.2-mile round-trip hike invites you to socialize with neighbors and their furry family members while simultaneously taking in the scenic views that the city has to offer. About a mile into your hike, you’ll come across the perfect place for a relaxing break. A serene swinging bench sits in the cool shade, nestled under a large, leafy, oak tree.

Visit their site here.


2. Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is paw-sitively overflowing with undiscovered talent. Crafted supports local artists, their one-of-a-kind pieces, and welcomes all of L.A’s finest, both human and canine alike. Blend your love and appreciation of art with quality time spent with your four-legged baby.

Visit their site here.


1. The Dog Cafe:

Saving the very best for last, this unique, modern, and innovative place brings adoptable dogs and possible pet parents together. Have a blast playing with four-legged furballs while enjoying your caffeine fix. Just be prepared to bring home new family members because they’re irresistible.

Visit their site here.


Whatever you do, wherever you go, when it’s with man’s best friend, it’s sure to be a fun and memorable experience. To be perfectly honest, the destination doesn’t really matter, not to Fido anyway. He is just happy to be with his most favorite hooman. Take in the sights and sounds of the city and have a barkin’ good time!

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