10 Popular Breed Meetup Groups in Los Angeles

Great minds think alike and no matter what your passion, or where you might live, it is almost guaranteed that there are other like-minded people nearby. This is even more true for animal lovers. Los Angeles is a haven for pet-friendly people, especially dog lovers. There are hundreds of meetup groups dedicated to various breeds that offer a fun and productive time for you and your pet!

Here we have chased down ten popular breed meetup groups in Los Angeles for you to check out.

10. The Los Angeles Yorkshire Terrier Meetup Group:

This group may only have a modest 630 members but it is quickly gaining in popularity among the Yorkie-loving Los Angeles crowd. When you join this meetup group you can look forward to awesome get-togethers at least once a month. View Facebook Page

09. Italian Greyhounds of Southern California:

A playdate with these energetic little miniatures sounds like Heaven. This group is primarily based in Los Angeles but does meetups all over Orange County for fun-filled playdates and various doggy activities. While centered mainly around Italian Greyhounds, Whippets and other small breeds are always welcome. View Meetup

08. German Shepherd Meetup Group of Los Angeles:

German Shepherd lovers unite! Come together to enjoy Shepherd based discussions about proper care and responsible dog ownership, while your favorite canine makes some brand new lookalike friends. View Meetup

07. The Orange County Boston Terrier Club:

This classy looking, bug-eyed breed is the epitome of cuteness and this group signifies an overload of that cuteness. Boston Terrier fans get-together at several different beaches, parks, and trails all around the beautiful county. They just celebrated another successful meet up last Sunday at Huntington Beach Dog Park. Don’t miss the next one! View Meetup

06. Bulldog Club of Southern California:

This group of 1200, quite simply, enjoy getting together to share in their love of the Bulldog breed. Be sure to not miss the regular ‘Bulldogs, Bagels, and Coffee’ events at various dog-friendly cafes around L.A. Help your Bulldog make some lifelong fur friends. View Meetup

05. SoCal’s French Beachdogs:

This sun, (and fun) loving crowd holds multiple events revolving around fun in the sun with your favorite French four-legged friends (and their people, of course!). The members, of which there are over 1000 members, gather at least once a month to promote rescues, shelters, and awareness. The meetups are typically held at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, or Huntington Dog Beach in Huntington Beach. View Meetup

04. OC Doxies:

Wholeheartedly dedicated to Dachshunds! These ‘hotdog’ lovers meet up once a month at various dog-friendly parks across the Los Angeles area. With over 1500 members, and growing, this paw-some breed group ensures there are plenty of like-minded dog lovers to bark around with. View Meetup

03. Los Angeles Pug Meetup:

Proudly calling themselves the ‘Squishy-Face Crew’, this meetup group is organized by Anica and her husband JonPaul (who acts as ‘Pug-tographer’, taking plenty of fun pics of the meetups!) and their lovely pug, Stella. They have meetups every other month at dog parks all over Los Angeles. View Meetup

02. Chihuahua’s and Tiny’s We Love:

At almost 1800 dedicated members, this is definitely, no ‘tiny’ group. Small pup owners gather regularly to encourage safe socialization among tiny breeds (under 15 lbs) and provide an overall stress-free fun zone. Don’t miss out on the exclusive Martini Yappy Hour! View Meetup

01. Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners:

Talk about a worthwhile cause! Anything that brings awareness to the Pit Bull breed is truly pawsome. Boasting more than 3200 members, this meetup group is centered on the advocacy and education about this wonderful breed that has earned an unfair bad rap. Learn More

All of these amazing groups are all about universal dog love and therefore do not discriminate. All breeds are welcome. Why not take the time to let go of the stresses of everyday life, concentrate on the simpler things. Whatever group you choose to join (or join them all!), you are guaranteed one thing at the very least: new memories made with your precious pup and possible furever friends for both of you!

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