What are the Benefits of Pack Dog Walking in Los Angeles?

I’m sure you have seen many dog walkers in Los Angeles doing pack walks.

Have you ever been curious as to what the benefits are of these pack walks?

Are you curious about how it is even possible to walk a pack of dogs and see them all well-behaved?

What is Pack Dog Walking?

Pack walking is so much more beneficial than a walk around the block in your neighborhood with a dog walker.  During a pack walk your dog will be exercising and learning at the same time.

Your dog will benefit from learning proper socialization skills, modeling good behavior, increased exercise, and promotion of his/her mental well-being.


Benefits of Pack Dog Walking?

Your dog will socialize with a different number and mix of dogs and people on pack walks. This mixing of temperaments and personalities helps your dog become more well-rounded and adjusted.  Additionally, experiencing new sights, sounds and smells is crucial in developing a dog’s ability to handle new situations. It desensitizes them to noise and distraction and helps them stay calm in crowded streets, or with other dogs.  This real-life dog walking situation gives them the opportunity to socialize with those they don’t encounter every day in a safe environment.


How Will Pack Dog Walking Affect my Dog’s Behavior?

Pack walks instill good modeling behavior in your dog.  During pack walks all dogs are expected to be under control. This is achieved by the Pack Leader helping your dog adapt to its “pack mentality” and exercise these skills by providing consistent leadership. Your dog learns to respect and impulse control too. This environment will allow your dog to improve their leash manners, as well as their behavior around people and dogs.

Evidence shows pack walks can drain a dog’s energy and keep them mentally and physically fit. It’s also intellectually stimulating for the dog to meet different types of dogs and people.

Our Pack walks create happier, more balanced, and better-trained dogs which in turn makes pet parents happy!  Check out our Instagram to see some pack walks in action.





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