How to Find a Lost Pet in Los Angeles (and Prevention Tips!)

Even the best-trained dogs let their instincts get the better of them, and go chasing after something, only to find themselves lost. Especially when they’re young, dogs and cats can get lost even in their own neighborhoods. Having a lost pet can be a scary time.

How do you know when you’ve done everything you can for your furry friend? Check out this list of tips and tricks to find your lost pet in LA.

1. Call Animal Shelters and Vets

The first thing to do when you notice a pet has run off is to alert local shelters and vets. Give a description of your pet, along with any identifying tags they may be wearing. If you use your local vet as your own, let them know the pet has run off. Be sure to call frequently, every few days until the pet is found. Sometimes, it can take weeks before someone who finds an animal takes them to the shelter, especially if they’ve been wandering for a while.

2. Use Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be a great help in locating a lost pet. Plenty of groups on Facebook are dedicated to finding lost pets or identifying found pets in the area. Adding the local shelters to your Instagram feed often means getting a heads up when new animals come in, and can often offer valuable insight on how to find a lost pet, or what to do if you find someone’s pet.

Even if your follower count is small, you’d be surprised at the reach your social media can give you. Post lots of pictures, and make sure to mention if the dog or cat is okay with approaching strangers. The last thing you want is someone to scare your lost pet off again!

3. Print Fliers In Your Area

Fliers may seem old fashioned in the age of social media, but they’re a great way to catch the attention of animal lovers in your area whom you might not have a connection with. Post them around your community with your pet’s stats, including any identifying marks, name, and vaccinations. Offer contact info for you, and if you’re able, you might want to offer a reward.

4. Visit Favorite Spots

It’s common for dogs and cats to wander the streets of their neighborhood, unable to find the way home, but knowing the familiarity of the area. If you and your dog have a favorite park, make sure to visit it.

Ask questions in case any other dog lovers have seen one wandering around. If your cat has a favorite outdoor sleeping pad, keep it out with some food, and keep an eye on it. Most animals go where they are fed. So check out your neighborhood for other spots your pets recognize as safe havens. Who knows? They could just be waiting to be found!

Once your lost pet has been found, there are some preventative measures to take to ensure their safety.

  • You should always license your dog and cat with LA animals services. (
  • Get them microchipped and keep them in collars which contain identification, as well as contact information for you.
  • Keep your pet’s vaccinations current, to ensure that shelters can recognize them, and they can be retrieved safely by animal control.
  • Also, keep a file of updated vet information, and photographs, so that if they go missing again, you’ll have an updated source for pictures, vet information, and contacts.

Losing a pet can be a scary time, and you’ll want all the help you can get!

If you would like to learn more or if you would like to use our pet care services reach out to us via email or call us.



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