The Pros and Cons of Owning a Pet Snake

So you think having a pet snake would be cool? How much work could they be, right? They sit in a tank, they’re cold-blooded, and they don’t really need a lot of attention, right? If the idea of having a pet snake appeals to you, this article can help you make the decision.

We’ll also offer you some helpful tips if you decide to buy a pet snake.

Pro: Snakes Are Low Maintenance

Compared to a dog or a cat, you’re right to think that a snake will be an easier pet. They don’t need to be walked, they don’t shed, and they mostly keep to their cages. That makes them an ideal apartment pet, or a pet for someone who can’t handle the rigorous schedule of a more mainstream pet.

Cons: Different Snakes Have Different Needs

Ball Pythons are very different snakes than Corn Snakes, who are very different from a California King Snake. Each snake breed has its own needs and temperament, and each are susceptible to parasites, have different dietary preferences, and other details. If you’re looking to get a snake, do your research to find the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Pros: Snakes Are Docile Pets

Though a ball python may look cool and threatening, it’s actually pretty docile. The most popular pet snake breeds are generally pretty relaxed as pets. They can range in sociability, but they’re usually happy to just hang out in their tank, and respond pretty well to being handled, as long as you start them young. No training required!

Con: Pet Snakes Are Not For The Squeamish

Snakes are carnivores. They eat meat, usually whole, and usually live. It is possible to get frozen rats or mice to feed your snake with if you can’t handle giving live meat, but if you’re squeamish at the thought of your snake’s diet, chances are they’re not the right pet for you.

Pros: Easy To House

Snakes need a cozy place to digest their food, shed, and sleep. But it’s pretty easy to keep them happy. A clear 20-gallon terrarium lined with shavings will do the trick. Remember to get a sufficient heat source with a UV lamp for 10-12 hours a day. Snakes are cold-blooded, and they need extra light and heat to stay healthy.

Con: They’re Esssscape Artists

The most important thing to remember when you’re setting up a terrarium is to keep it secure. Snakes will get out, and when they do, they’re at a bigger risk than you are. To keep a snake safe, weigh down the terrarium with heavy stones, and check it often for cracks or damages Have an extra terrarium available when you need to clean out your snakes home.

Having a snake is a big responsibility. As cool as they are, snakes are living creatures with their own needs. They might not show affection like a dog or cat, but they definitely rely on you to keep them safe, happy and healthy in the same way. Like all pets, a snake is a commitment. They may be lower maintenance than a more mainstream option, but like all our pets, they require a lot of consideration and care.

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