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Top 4 Places to Visit for Cat Lovers in Los Angeles

Cat lovers in Los Angeles are never at a loss of places to go! Feline lovers have a rich culture in LA that is incomparable to anywhere else in the United States! Whether you are seeking a place to workout, a bookstore or a convention, Los Angeles is filled with cat-friendly venues for all feline-lovers.

The CatCafe Lounge

The CatCafe Lounge is a cat cafe located in LA. The thing that makes it unique is that they specifically pull at-risk cats from shelters. This allows them to live in a stress-free environment until they can be adopted into a forever home. Your tax-deductible $25 donation gets you entrance to the cat lounges for an hour, along with a freshly brewed tea or coffee. At any given time, more than 30 feline residents enjoy The Cat Cafe Lounge. This means you can get your cuddle and play on with many different cats!

Me-Om: Yoga with Adoptable Cats

If you’re a yogi, you can do yoga with actual felines at Me-Om. This yoga series takes place at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center in West Los Angeles. For a $20 donation, you can mingle with furry friends, do some yoga, and allow these cats the chance to socialize outside of their normal shelters. Bonus: snacks are provided after your session, and all of the cats are up for adoption after your class! With yoga classes in the area costing twice that much, it’s definitely not a bad avenue to explore.


CatCon is always worth the trip for cat lovers in Los Angeles (or anywhere for that matter!). This unique event mixes a lover of our feline brethren with all things pop culture. For instance: Game of Thrones: Feline Edition is a panel that might spark your interest! Their mission is to educate, entertain, and engage all cat lovers in their part symposium, part expo style format! The convention attendance helps to support cat shelters throughout the United States…and you might just learn something new about your furry friends back home!

The Iliad Bookshop

The Iliad Bookshop is known far and wide as one of the largest used bookstores in L.A. They are also famous for their shop cats, Apollo and Zeus. These 5-year-old felines love to climb the ladders in the shop! Keeping the patron’s company as they peruse stacks of books is another one of their favorite past times. Cats have been a long-standing fixture within the shop. You can even read about their previous shop cats, like Zola (their pirate kitty) and Charlie on their website!

Are you planning on a vacation to L.A.? Are you a local that is seeking a place to meet like-minded cat lovers? Well then, take a moment to check out these places! Whether you want to sip tea or do some yoga, Los Angeles has you covered. L.A. has plenty of venues to offer you the ability to indulge in your feline fanaticism.

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