The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles

Planning to have an evening out but want to take your furry friend along for the fun? No need to worry, there are more than four hundred dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles, California that allow pet owners to bring their dogs in their restaurants. Many of them have outdoor tables that give pets all the freedom they need while you enjoy your meal.


We’ll review fifteen dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles, so the next time you want to have dinner and bring Fido, you know where to go!



1. The Cow End’s Cafe
This beautiful restaurant that is right next to the beach allows you to bring your best friend with you though they insist that the dog must be left outside. They have wonderful fresh juices and breakfast plates that would have you drive all the way to enjoy a meal at this restaurant. The only downside with this restaurant is that they take cash only, but they have an ATM on the premises which means that you can withdraw and pay for that mouth-watering meal.

2. Wanderlust Creamery
Looking to have some ice cream with friends then there is no other dog-friendly destination like the Wanderlust Creamery near Venice. They cones are handmade in the shop every morning. They have an exotic array for ice cream flavors that go above your expectations. The flavors allow you to travel the world just with your ice cream. they have a very warm and friendly staff that help you make a decision, which flavor is best to select.

3. French Market Cafe
This restaurant has the best breakfast and coffee in Vernice. They serve the best cappuccino and have a lot of parking space for anyone visiting the restaurant. While you are allowed to take your pooch, it would have to be on the deck.


Playa Vista

4. The Waffle
This wonderful contemporary eatery is known for its classic food. They have dog-friendly outdoor tables. They offer more than fifteen different types of waffles. Their specialty is breakfast plates; they do however offer amazing meals that you can enjoy they include: burgers, sandwiches, mac, and cheese. They start operations very early in the morning you will find them open at 7 am.

5. Fred 62
This dog-friendly L.A. restaurant offers a menu for all meals in the day. They also offer Asian, Mexican and Fusion fare. The cafe is open twenty-four hours a day every day of the week. They have such delicious options on their menu that include: brioche French toast, fried chicken salad, crispy calamari, omelets and tuna melts. Your dog can stay on the sidewalk while you enjoy your delicious meal.

6. Eveleigh
This restaurant opens late in the night. They offer farm to table foods whenever it’s available during that season. They also offer cocktails for their clients looking to have a good time. Enjoy a special brunch that is offered during the weekend. Their wine list includes small-batch vintages. They have a garden patio that is very dog-friendly.


Playa Del Rey

7. The Misfit Bar
This bar has a wonderful atmosphere that is very inviting. They have a wonderful staff who even come to say hi to your pet. They offer great food that includes: baked mac n cheese, crispy chicken sandwich, BBQ salmon. The waiters and waitresses have great service that would give you a reason to keep coming back. The Misfit Bar also has outdoor tables best suited for when you bring your dog.

8. Rose Cafe
If your looking for a real treasure when it comes to dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles, the Rose Cafe will not disappoint! They have been around since 1979 and primarily serve SoCal cuisine. You can enjoy a wonderful outdoor setting that is changed with every season which is suited for seating your dog. They offer all-day meals at this restaurant that include: buttermilk pancakes, miso marinated hanger steak, chorizo scrambles among others. the dogs are allowed to seat on the outside of the gated patio restaurant is open from 7 am on weekdays and inclosed on Mondays.

9. The Raymond 1886
This restaurant is very secluded and perfectly suited for a quiet evening with your partner or with friends. They have lovely patios where the dog can seat while you enjoy your meal. With an ever-changing menu that is very inventive and enticing, you’ll never grow bored! They also have treats and serve water to your dog, so they don’t feel left out while you enjoy your meal.


Culver City

10. The Oinkster
They serve classic American food in a modern dinner setting. they have a very spacious patio that is best suited for dogs when brought along. They offer a wide variety of meals on their menu that include: rotisserie chicken, burgers and pastrami sandwiches. The Oinkster is open every day of the week from 11 am and close at 11 pm during the weekends so you can enjoy your meal for longer with friends.

11. The Attic
This restaurant serves Southern American food. They have a lot of room for your dog in the patio. The restaurant has a full bar that allows its clients to make the most of their evening. They have a dog menu that means your dog gets to enjoy his dinner while you have yours. The staff is very considerate and kind and very accommodating to your pet. They offer popular classics that include: muffuletta sandwiches, cinnamon French toast, bourbon glazed steak among other incredible meals.

12. Ambrosia Cafe
They have a wonderful menu that is best suited for breakfast and lunch. The staff are very warm and welcoming to dogs and they have a very spacious patio suited for your pet. They have wonderful food that keeps the customers going back. Their patios also have a fireplace that means that your dog will be warm while you enjoy your meal. Talk about a dog-friendly dining experience!


Marina Del Rey

13. Brookside Country Club Restaurant
They offer breakfast and lunch meals on their menu. They have very good food that includes: corned beef hash, Lee Trevino, huevos rancheros. The outdoor seating area overlooks the golf course. The patio is spacious enough that there is enough seating room between tables. If you like to play golf and bring your dog, then this is your destination.

14. Utopia Good Food & Fine Art
This restaurant stands out from the rest as they offer very good food in an art gallery. Serving dishes from all over the world, the menu includes Cajun scallops, Japanese eggplant, grilled lamb chops, and kale salad. They have outdoor seating that is very welcoming to dogs and they have a great wine and beer list. Utopia is open every day of the week from 12 pm and close at 9 pm.

15. Lucky Baldwin’s
This English pub offers breakfast plates. You can enjoy soccer while you enjoy your meal. They offer English food and drinks. They also offer water and treats for your furry pet and the staff is very welcoming to the dogs. You’ll love that they make your dog feel like a significant part of the experience. They have great beer that you can enjoy while you watch the soccer games.

Well, there you have it! Just a few of the many options of dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles. We have separated them into the different areas so if you come from a particular area then you know which one to attend. Of course, if you want to head out sans your furry friend, be sure to give us a call! While your out having a great time, we will ensure your pet has an equally wonderful experience. Contact us at 310-621-6979.

If you would like to learn more or if you would like to use our pet care services reach out to us via email or call us.



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