Pamper Your Pooch With A Fall-Themed Spa Day

With the weather finally getting cooler and the kids back in school, your dog may be in need of a little extra attention. We think a fall-inspired spa treatment is just the thing! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’ll eliminate some of that shedding hair!

Step 1: Quiet, please!

Set the mood with a quiet, undisturbed place. Your doggies spa day should take place in a room or area away from the hustle and bustle of the family, kids, TV and the rest of the daily ruckus.

Step 2: Set the Mood

Now that you have a quiet place, turn on the mood music. A light, easy-going doggy music selection will help to relax your dog during their special day.

Light a few aromatherapy candles in a fall scent, such as pumpkin, hazelnut or apple pie, to complete the set-up. Be sure to use candles or burners that are not too strong and overpowering. This way it won’t irritate your pet’s nose. Also, keep them out of reach, to keep them from accidentally being knocked over or use flameless candles.

Step 3: Wash Up

Start with a relaxing bath. They may fight you on this, however, afterwards they will appreciate being clean. Consider the best options for bathing your dog at home- it may work in the tub, but it might also be better to take them outside for a few minutes with a hose and small pool or tub.

Step 4: Get Comfy

Once, your doggy is clean, introduce them to a comfy place to lie down in a quiet room. This can be lots of fluffy towels or a big comforter. The lights should be dim and the mood music and candles should be burning.

Step 5: Massage

Start slow and gently massage your dog. They may not know how to react at first, so go slow and talk softly to them. Once they are comfortable, use this time to check their skin and fur for any bumps, lumps, or anything else out of the ordinary.

Step 6: Nail Trim

End the spa treatment by trimming your dog’s nails. This is not always an easy task, so by doing it at the end of their doggy spa day they will be ultra relaxed and easier to handle. Go slow and be deliberate as you trim their nails.

Step 7: Treat Time

To end the pampering, offer a delicious treat and a bowl of refreshing water with your dog. This will certainly end their spa day on a high note!

Fall is the perfect time to indulge in a doggy spa day with your pet. Pampering your dog will allow them to relax and they will know how much you care about them. It will relieve any stress they have and your dog will be happy for the quality time. Go ahead and spoil your dog with a tranquil, fall-themed at home spa day for dogs!

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